Datalogic – My Second Home

I always think a good working place is half a good life. As we spend half of our waking hours at work, if the office is supportive and sharing, half of our life will be spent in warmth and friendship. And I have found such a working place in Datalogic. Probably from the Vietnamese and Italian “la famiglia” culture, Datalogic strives to build a family spirit in the company. Therefore, here not only do we work hard together, but we also grow and have fun together.

I find that Datalogic often encourages its members to grow through many challenges: learning a new technology, making more improvements, having an innovation, trying out a different approach, working with another team, etc… Given those challenges, the company also provides us with a lot of help to overcome them: supporting seniors, sharing colleagues, and the resources to research and experiment. As a result, in Datalogic, I have to continually learn and try out new things: from WinCE to Android, from C, Java to Python, from implementing test tools to training new members… They help me grow and mature as a professional.

Having fun together is a key aspect of “la famiglia”. In Datalogic, people play together and eat together regardless of seniority. Datalogic Vietnam is a very rare company that has 5 badminton courts on-site, together with table tennis, billiards, and a gym. With such variety, we can enjoy our favorite sport together during lunch break and after work. Our breakfast and lunch together also give us time for some enjoyable small talks. On weekends, occasionally there are activities together such as a cycling trip or visiting someone’s hometown. The yearly Christmas and New Year Decoration is a great opportunity to show our skills in art & craft together. These fun times together keep us in good health, widen our friendship, and refresh our spirit against the pressure of work.

Having fun together doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. After all, we should work hard and go the extra mile for our “family”. I find all members are willing to work overtime to meet the deadline when called for, and the company gives us extra remuneration for our effort. Occasionally, some members conduct sharing sessions to give their tips and knowledge on useful skills such as MS Excel, presentation, or money management. I have organized an English club and a Test Automation club so that we can learn and improve those important skills together. Working hard is a must everywhere, but “la famiglia” spirit makes the work more meaningful and enjoyable.

Datalogic “la famiglia” spirit shined especially during the Covid pandemic when we had to comply with the “3 on-site” policy: all must work, eat, and sleep in the factory. These restrictions created immense challenges in our work and life. From senior managers to workers, all had to be away from our family, slept in makeshift beds, and shared the limited on-site bathrooms. But we endured that war-time conditions together, worked hard, solved problems as they arose, and met production targets despite all the difficulties. Even our playing together was not neglected. Football, tennis table, karaoke and weekend fun events together helped us refresh during this stressful time and strengthen our “family” spirit.

After 8 years working, I have found Datalogic to be my second home. This is where I learn, play, and of course, work hard for “la famiglia”. I am happy that Datalogic is celebrating 50 years of growth and success. I pray Datalogic will overcome all challenges ahead to have another 50 years of achievements.

Richard Huynh